Nick Francisco Capstone


Hello! My name is Nick and this is my blog for my computer science capstone project. I am a full-time student and I live in Edmonds, Washington with my wife and our two dogs. My hobbies include working on my car and taking them to track days or auto-crossing, playing video games, and spending time with my friends and family. Growing up I was always interested in technology and playing video games which led me to my interest with computers and software. I found myself wanting to learn how to program so I could make my own video games and computer programs. I started by taking an iOS development course from Udemy to learn how to make apps and video games, which I enjoyed very much. That enjoyment led me to return to school and pursue a computer science degree. I finished my transfer degree at Everett community college and transferred to OSU in spring 2022. My experience as an eCampus student at OSU has been great, the classes are organized well and it is easy to get help when you need it. My favorite technologies are computers and smartphones, but I also like to see and learn new technologies for motorsport applications and video games. My favorite projects listed so far are ones that involve video games or gamification such as AR Arcade Classics ( or OSU Orientation Gamification (

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