Nick Francisco Capstone

CS 462 – Blog Post 2

My favorite technologies that I have used to create our animal adoption web application are GitHub for managing our code and project, and the React library for building our site. We use GitHub to review each other’s code before we merge them into our main repository and use their project management tool to assign and keep track of tasks. GitHub has made it easy for our team to work together and manage our project. Another technology I have learned to appreciate is React. I did not use React much before this project, so I had a bit of difficulty relearning some of its features like states, which keep track of variables and re-render the page when the value changes. The capabilities of React make the library easy to use and its widespread adoption provides plenty of documentation to help learn its features. If I had to start this project, or any web application, from scratch I would use React and GitHub. Their features make managing a project and building a website easier.   

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