Nick Francisco Capstone

CS 462 – Blog Post 3

I chose the Dating App for Animal Adoption project because I enjoy having pets at my home and want to help animals in shelters find their home. Our project is a web application that works well on all devices. It uses many modern and familiar features to make it easy for anyone to use. It has met and exceeded my expectations as I have worked on it over the past two quarters. It has been a great learning experience to develop a modern website that utilizes libraries I was not previously familiar with. This was initially a challenge because of these new libraries, but with documentation and time I was able to become familiar with powerful libraries such as React or Firebase.

This project has also provided me with valuable experience working with a team and using project management tools such as GitHub. Utilizing Microsoft Teams for communication helped our team develop our plans and implementation of the project. We were able to successfully plan and dived work evenly using GitHub Projects to create and manage our tasks. GitHub also allowed us to manage our source code and review each other’s code before adding new features into the main repository. I was not too familiar with these project development tools before this project but am comfortable using them now. If I were to redo this project, I would not change any of the technologies, libraries, or project management tools we used to create and manage our web application.

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