Nick Francisco Capstone

Blog Post 2

My project is called Dating App for Animal Adoption and we have come up with several ideas on how we will go about implementing this web application. We have created a requirements document that lists the requirements and a design document draft that lists specifications and components of our web application. These two documents should let anyone who is familiar with programming follow along and create our animal dating web application. We plan to start setting up our development tools soon.

This course has been an eye opener to the documents that are required before creating a program or software. The documentation and planning will help prepare us for the real world. I plan to start job hunting and applying for jobs at the end of winter quarter and throughout spring quarter. The challenging part will be balancing four classes  each quarter and looking for a job in computer science. One new technology from OSU that I plan to use for job hunting is Handshake. This will allow me to find companies who are looking for recent graduates. For managing the stress of school and job hunting I will plan my time, so I am not overwhelmed and take breaks when needed.

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