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Lab Overview 2022

The Nackley lab is committed to being an inclusive group who investigates the maladies of young plants. We are scientists and educators with expertise in ecology, entomology, soils science, and engineering.

Nackley Lab practicing social distancing after setting up our herbal distancing boxwood blight trial

Our mission is to sustain horticultural productions systems by partnering with growers and academics to provide research-based solutions. Our programs take four main themes that address major challenges to nursery and greenhouse production in Oregon: 1. Irrigation application; 2. Pest management; 3. Plant nutrition; and 4. climate adaptation. Our projects are designed to provide information that will support vibrant, verdant, urban and rural communities. We seek the balance between the low resource-use while maximizing plant health/quality. Often we grow plants the wrong way so you don’t have to.

Team members checking nutrient concentrations on our run-off pad at NWREC

This year, we continue research on flathead borers, precision sprayer application, sensor-controlled irrigation, heat, and drought stress mitigation, hemp production, hydroponic production, and nutrient management in soilless substrates. Throughout the year we’ll be posting about these projects and the people who conduct the research. Also, check out our previous Projects and Publications pages to see our pre-blog work. You can also stay up to date on either of our social media feeds.