Our Team

Lloyd Nackley: Leader, manager, advisor, mentor, teacher, problem solver. Contact me with questions about ag. tech, controlled environ. agriculture, climate-adaptation, optimizing irrigation, nutrients, and pesticide applications for baby plants.

Dr. Scherr sampling insects in lavendar

Melissa Scherr: Spider Namer, Ladybug Whisperer, Expert in Catching and Counting tiny things. Achievements: The dragonflies have given me a new name but it can’t be pronounced without a double-hinged jaw.  Contact me with: Questions about arthropods, pest management and plant-insect interactions.

Brent Warneke: Ambiguity wrangler, grape trainer, sprayer whisperer. Contact me with questions about grapes or other specialty crops, plant diseases, or anything sprayer related

Dalyn McCauley in a greenhouse

Dalyn McCauley: gadget maker, sensor wizard, drip emitter un-plugger. Contact me for questions about: all things sensors, sensor-controlled irrigation, weather stations, open-source tech

Clint Taylor: Vegetable inspector, Cover crop aficionado, Soil sampler, Collard green proselytizer. Contact me for questions about why you should plant and eat more collard greens, as well as questions about ALL things cover crop related, vegetable nutrient management, the joy of winter vegetables, and wasabi

Scout collecting samples

Scout Dahms-May: stem cavitator, tube connecter, seed gatherer. Contact me about stem hydraulic measurements and drought response.

J Perrault smiles at the camera standing in a greenhouse

Joshua Perrault: micro-propogation master, hops enthusiast, fifth generation hops farmer. Contact me if you’d like to talk Humulus, virus-free planting propogation, and sustainable farming.

Nackley Lab, Winter 2022
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