International HRM

If I could move to any country to work and make a positive career move, I would choose Australia. I have always found Australia interesting and with a lot of beautiful architecture and nature, such as the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef.

Australia and the US are very similar in most of the dimensions of the Hofstede categories. One of the most prominent dimensions that both the US and Australia share is in individualism. People in both of these countries are expected to be self-reliant and direct in requests for information. Both societies are loosely-knit and individuals are expected to look after just themselves and their immediate family.

Another dimension that America and Australia both rank highly in is in the masculinity of their societies. Both countries are highly driven by success and rewards to show for it which I believe fits the way that I view work (Country comparison 2021). I think overall in terms of Hofstede’s dimensions, the US and Australia are not too far apart and would not be too big of a cultural adjustment.

Another dimension that I looked at is high-context vs low-context communications of cultures. Both America and Australia are some of the lowest-context cultures along with most of the other English speaking countries (Bansal, 2022). This would again be another dimension that would not be difficult to get used to because of the similarities that it shares with the US. I am a very direct speaking person so being able to communicate in this way is beneficial to my career as well.

Overall, I do not think there would be much professionally that would make me not want to take this position, the only other factors would be personal/family reasons. If this were a hypothetical world, I would take this position and look forward to the slight differences between cultures, but be comforted by the similarities in structure.


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