Stress Management

After completing all of the tests, I learned that my current stress management is not very effective. This is not new to me as I have known that the way that I handle my stress has not been very effective, however I have just not done anything about it to this point. I never really dealt with much stress in high school, I played sports and had a job but this was all pretty easy to manage at the time and there was nothing too serious that I was dealing with. I never really experienced any high levels of stress until I reached college, dealing with my finances and overall schooling almost entirely by myself.

Dealing with much higher levels of stress through college has been very challenging, however over time I have become much better at handling it and putting my situation into perspective. There has also been a lot of stressful events in my life this past year that I have not known how to deal with and wish that I did have the tools to do so. I ranked around a 50 on both of the stress management tests so I do understand why this has been the case.

My current employer cares a lot about their employees, so there have been some useful benefits that I have learned of as a result of working there. One thing is that they have adopted a hybrid work model which prior to Covid was not even a thought. Another thing is all of the social events that the company hosts in order to boost morale and ease the stress of the average work week. Overall, I have learned a lot from working my current internship in relation to how stress can affect a workplace and how manage this.

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