Beneficial vs. Non-Beneficial Classes

In order to get a degree at OSU, there are a lot of classes that you must take. You find during some of these classes that there are many that will help you later on down the road, however there are also many that do not. One class in particular that I found to not be very beneficial at all, which every student within the college of business must take, was the one credit class for personal finance within the professional development course series. Now I understand how this might be a beneficial class for most students and is not a bad class by any means, however as a finance major taking investment classes at the same time, you find much of the information in that class to either be common knowledge from your perspective, or actually contradicting some of what you learned in your higher level finance classes. I understand that this class is very useful for those who may not be familiar with finance, however this class felt more to be “busy work” than anything else.

Going off of that first class, I would say the most beneficial class that I have taken in regard to my finance major was FIN 341 (Investments) which was the class that I had mentioned before. This class had showed the correct ways to invest your money and how to make rational decisions. The instructor was very helpful and had made sure you understood what was being taught. This class is one that will affect my future in a positive way by giving me the knowledge to invest my money correctly.

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