Week 1 – Best Companies To Work For

When looking through the top companies to work for, I found it interesting that a hospitality company would be at the top of the list, especially one as large and diverse as the Hilton. Soon after reading into some of the reviews it did make sense however, considering how much effort this company puts into making their employees feel welcomed and empowered. They offer Hilton University to their employees, giving them a chance to grow and develop skills necessary to advance in their careers. There are also a lot of perks offered to keep employees motivated, such as travel discounts for the whole family as well as awards and recognition to keep employees around. All of these factor into a strong company culture that helps retain talent.

This theme of culture remains throughout when looking at the top rated companies to work for, and Nvidia and Edward Jones are no exception. These companies are all in very different industries, however they each achieve their goal of a strong company culture through opportunities for their employees. Nvidia does so through empowering their employees with a fast paced work environment with many opportunities within a growing industry while Edward Jones focuses on diversity and hiring from communities that may not get as much outreach from.

The kind of manager that I would like to be is one that is able to empower my employees and foster an environment where people come to grow as professionals. I believe that being able to manage training and development effectively is key to being able to get employees started on the path that they desire and leads to higher retention and engagement. When you are able to get employees to buy in early, it gives them a reason to stick around. When done right, this leads to higher retention rates, and with this comes improved talent and efficiency.


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