Writing Exercise #6

I found the panel reviews and peer reviews were both helpful for the research proposals as well as for future writing assignments. The reason for this is because from both doing peer reviews and getting my paper reviewed allowed me to help others while seeing strengths in their papers that I needed to include in mine. The reviews I recieved were also very helpful because they suggested increasing explinations of parts that were lacking while pointing out some parts that were missing entirely. Furthermore, the panel reviews even futher helped me to understand the views of others even though it wasn’t on my proposal it gave me more insight into what others take from different papers and how I can incoperate some extra pieces in my writing that I wouldn’t have thought about before the panel discussions. As far as experimental design, I believe this proposal in general was somewhat difficult to inlclude all the required material while keeping it short and simple when discussing these types of experiments. This is because I was given suggestions to elaborate more on the background as well as needing more justification for the proposed research and including more details for the experimental design and procedures, which would have far exceeded the maximum 2 pages in my opinion. Overall, it helped me to see weaknesses in my writing for an audience which is not specifically involved in the sciences for their career.

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