Writing Exercise #5

What I came away with from the article by Dr. Kary was that the ability to complete something in eight hours usually took a team a full three weeks to complete and as a machine, it was able to continually run giving three weeks worth of manual work every eight hours. Furthermore, the importance of producing an excessive amount of oligonucleotides, at that time, was that gave them the ability to experiment rather heavily with DNA. This was all rather intriguing with how easily it seems in the lab to take these organisms and isolate DNA, then heat denature and recombine with the desired new DNA added which is position specified by the oligonucleotides and the template stands that we added. These discoveries absolutely make molecular biology more accessible to me and to most people considering the amount of work that was required before its discovery. It was definitely interesting how he combined portions of his home life while he was experimenting with this new technology. The process of science that I took away from this article is that it seems more like a task you do daily but every time you do it it’s completed slightly differently. That the process of scientific discovery is not about failing or succeeding but about it’s more about attempting to make a change and learning from each attempt.

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