Writing Exercise #6

I found the panel reviews and peer reviews were both helpful for the research proposals as well as for future writing assignments. The reason for this is because from both doing peer reviews and getting my paper reviewed allowed me to help others while seeing strengths in their papers that I needed to include in… Continue reading Writing Exercise #6

Writing Exercise #5

What I came away with from the article by Dr. Kary was that the ability to complete something in eight hours usually took a team a full three weeks to complete and as a machine, it was able to continually run giving three weeks worth of manual work every eight hours. Furthermore, the importance of… Continue reading Writing Exercise #5

Writing Exercise #4

(1) Jesper Larsen a lead researcher at Statens serum institute discusses in his recent article “Emergence of methicillin resistance predates the clinical use of antibiotics” (2022) how Staphylococcus aureus became resistant to antibiotics long before the discovery of antibiotic use for illness. (2) Larsen sampled hedgehogs that were known to harbor Staphylococcus aureus to test… Continue reading Writing Exercise #4

Writing Exercise #3

In order for a scientific research paper to be published by a journal of one form or another, the authors of the research must submit their work to the journal of their choice that would best fit with the type of research and the number of views the authors believe the research deserves or needs.… Continue reading Writing Exercise #3

Writing Exercise #2

You may have heard of or read about CRISPR (gene editing mechanism) over the years as some controversial research has been conducted and scrutinized, but what you probably didn’t read about was all the beneficial uses of using a system called CRISPR-Cas9 to alter genes on a cellular level. The CRISPR system is a naturally… Continue reading Writing Exercise #2

Writing Exercise #1

Cloning using bacterial vectors can be achieved by using bacterial plasmids to transfer the necessary information, I know this from past courses and I am assuming this would be the most effective way to proceed with bacterial vectors. This would probably use PCR and some other techniques such as agar pour plates and streak plates… Continue reading Writing Exercise #1

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