Writing Exercise #4

(1) Jesper Larsen a lead researcher at Statens serum institute discusses in his recent article “Emergence of methicillin resistance predates the clinical use of antibiotics” (2022) how Staphylococcus aureus became resistant to antibiotics long before the discovery of antibiotic use for illness. (2) Larsen sampled hedgehogs that were known to harbor Staphylococcus aureus to test for other organisms or natural defenses from the hedgehogs that resulted in the S. aureus developing antibacterial resistance. What was discovered was that T. erinacei also inhabited the hedgehogs and these organisms produce a penicillin-like substance resulting in environmental antibiotic resistance to form. (3) The purpose of this research was to display that environmental factors can be just as responsible for antibiotic-resistant genes as the human use of antibiotics in order to inspire further research to explore environmentally obtained antibiotic resistance. (4) The intended audience for this article is largely written for the authors’ peers and other scientists within the microbiology and biology field interested in antibiotic resistance and the problems it poses.


Larsen J, Raisen CL, Ba X, Sadgrove NJ, Padilla-González GF, Simmonds MS, Loncaric I, Kerschner H, Apfalter P, Hartl R, Deplano A, Vandendriessche S, Černá Bolfíková B, Hulva P, Arendrup MC, Hare RK, Barnadas C, Stegger M, Sieber RN, Skov RL, Petersen A, Angen Ø, Rasmussen SL, Espinosa-Gongora C, Aarestrup FM, Lindholm LJ, Nykäsenoja SM, Laurent F, Becker K, Walther B, Kehrenberg C, Cuny C, Layer F, Werner G, Witte W, Stamm I, Moroni P, Jørgensen HJ, de Lencastre H, Cercenado E, García-Garrote F, Börjesson S, Hæggman S, Perreten V, Teale CJ, Waller AS, Pichon B, Curran MD, Ellington MJ, Welch JJ, Peacock SJ, Seilly DJ, Morgan FJ, Parkhill J, Hadjirin NF, Lindsay JA, Holden MT, Edwards GF, Foster G, Paterson GK, Didelot X, Holmes MA, Harrison EM, Larsen AR. 2022. Emergence of methicillin resistance predates the clinical use of antibiotics. Nature.

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