Self Reflection – Four Questions to Cultivate my Career.

The four questions provided under the “Cultivate Your Career” implication are a great method for self-reflection. And a great approach to dig into who I am and how I want to aim things in life both physically and spiritually.

  1. What am I good at?

From a strength perspective, I am good at teamwork, not just working in a team, not just accepting team ideas and team scenarios, but properly leading a team and identifying the issues that may arise, what solutions we need, etc. Throughout my college and work lives, I have needed and used these skills almost daily, from simply making sure projects are completely promptly with the right focus, to identifying an issue, looking for solutions and even making the hard choices to remove individuals, cancel projects, etc. This alongside organization are where I excel. Organization has always been a key element of who I am, I feel that without the proper organization of both thoughts and physical items, I can never truly succeed in the way that I want to. I am able to properly lay out what I need, what I have, and what I am after. It allows me to better plan my paths for projects and goals, and to this day has proven itself as a ideal method for me to succeed, and for me to help others on teams, as coworkers, and around me in general also succeed.

  • What do I value?

Looking in at what I would value I feel like I have the common answers and the more unique/one-off answers. On the common side, I value my family and friends who have supported me for years, taught me key lessons, and helped me get to where I am today, even if every decision wasn’t always the “right” one. I value honesty, trust, and organization all traits that I not only look for in friends and family but honor myself and focus heavily on making sure I “practice what I preach:” by valuing the same traits in myself that I value coming from others.

I value the various opportunities I have had to grow myself, my career, and my experience from internships, summer jobs, and networking events, the relationships I have built from those have truly allowed me to build my brand and value up when looking for a career, but also built up the value of true experience in my mind. Showing that even if you hate the path you may be on at the moment, something of value can still come from it.

  • How did I get here?

Looking back over the last 16 years of schooling and the time before that, I would say that I got here through hard work, determination, and extreme failure. I was brought up on the idea that if you want it you work for it, and with that mentality, I have approached everything in life and careers with such an idea. I’m not going to get a raise, or a promotion, etc. without working and proving that I should have it. I didn’t get into the MBA program by just saying I wanted to but instead by proving myself elsewhere to have strong letters of recommendation. I haven’t gotten here by limping along or riding on the coattails of someone else, but by working hard and proving myself every step of the way, something I plan to keep implementing as I move forward in life and my career.

  • Where am I going?

Honestly, I don’t know where I am going, even after sitting on this question for a while. I would love to go into a career somewhere within manufacturing or construction management and use that as a proving ground to truly show off my value, my experience, and my knowledge within a professional environment. Outside of that, I want to expand my professional skills through proper development tools and classes to better expand my expertise and knowledge within a supervision role and further develop my overall career path over the coming years.

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Hello Matthew, your post seems to have a sincere amount of resiliency and leadership while your support circles appear to have had a dynamic way of influencing the person you are today. I became stuck on the unsure of your future part because it seems that you have a very good idea where you are going. However, I would encourage you to enjoy the journey. Sometimes, the best roads to explore are the ones no one really knows about. According to Inside Higher Ed February 2024, “More than Half of Recent 4-Year College Grads are Underemployed” Also, many people get degrees and are not working in the field of their degrees. Case in point these celebrities: Former CEO of Starbucks
Lisa Kudrow – Bachelor’s in Biology, Vassar College

Actress and comedian (known for her role in “Friends”)
Ashton Kutcher – Bachelor’s in Biochemical Engineering, University of Iowa

Lead singer of Coldplay
Ken Jeong – Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Actor and comedian
Carly Fiorina – Bachelor’s in Medieval History and Philosophy, Stanford University

Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard
Michael Jordan – Bachelor’s in Cultural Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Former professional basketball player and businessman
Rowan Atkinson – Master’s in Electrical Engineering, The Queen’s College, Oxford
Actor and comedian (known for his role as Mr. Bean)

Hi Matt,
You commitment to being organized and an ability to lead and work teams are huge strengths that can definitely take you where you want to go. There has been this big shift to work being done in groups or teams, and yet there isn’t as much of a push for the interpersonal skills to do this. Your ability to do so with determination and hard work is exceptional. Like you, I’ve not been struck with one thing I wanted to do, so I guess it means options are wide open and we just start looking. It’s been great getting to know you and work with you this term. I look forward to staying in touch.


Hi Matthew,

Your value for honesty, trust, and organization reflects a strong approach to life, which I think are some of the best traits. It’s visible that these values not only guide your personal and professional interactions but also shape the way you lead and support your teams. I share these values as well, and I always seek out companies that prioritize honesty and trust. Aligning with organizations that hold these values ensures a cohesive and supportive work environment where I can thrive and contribute effectively. Clearly others feel strongly about your values if you have some strong letters of recommendation.

I also appreciate your honesty about not knowing exactly where you’re going. It’s a genuine and relatable at the same time. While we might have plans and aspirations, the truth is, none of us can predict the future . We’re all on this journey together, navigating the turns life has in store for us (wow, sounds deep).


I am encouraged that you value hard work and putting in the time to succeed. This is not always a driving force in todays undergrads and I believe that this trait will help you to be successful in whatever you choose to pursue.

Being organized is another trait that will definitely help you in a future career. This is especially true in a fast paced environment such as leading manufacturing teams or in fast paced production environments. Someone who “has their ducks in a row” tends to have the upper hand when they need to make a decision quickly or need to provide an analysis that is time sensitive. Upper management sees organization (or lack thereof) within personnel in their teams and will reward it when it translates to excellent work performance.

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