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Looking back at my last job, the job description played a very small role in my decision to apply for the position, but that’s not to say it played no role. My last job/role was not a typical application process, the position was given to me as a returning individual following a successful internship the summer prior. Coming back to the company in question didn’t provide me with a proper job description instead, much of what I knew I would be doing came from a “word of mouth” description from my supervisor at the time. With that being said, much of what I was told in terms of compensation, job tasks/plans, etc. did come to fruition. However, as time passed and things within the company began to change my entire job description shifted quite quickly when my supervisor quit, and I became the “temporary” supervisor until his replacement was found. This second “job” was even harder as I was given zero description of the role other than what I had seen and had very little experience with some of the tasks and skills I was having to work with.

With all that being said I don’t think this lack of a description early on affected my decision to apply for the position at all, most of my decision back then was built around the experience I had previously had with the company, and the benefits I received from co-workers and the experience itself. Now though, the lack of description for the original job and the complete lack of a job description for the temporary role have given me a bit of hesitation in returning to this organization, as looking back now it makes me wonder if they are truly prepared for these roles or in some cases are just “going with the flow” as things change rapidly.

Here is a link for a similar position and job description from the same company that matches elements of my original role and the temporary role I was given within the company.

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I can relate to your blog post about the challenges posed by mismatched job descriptions and actual job responsibilities. Your experience mirrors mine in many ways. Firstly, the misalignment between what was outlined in the job description and the tasks I actually had to handle was quite different. Your reflection on the decision-making process also was relatable. Your post highlights the importance of transparent and accurate job descriptions for both candidates and organizations. It’s critical to ensure that expectations align with reality and that individuals can make informed decisions about their career paths. I look forward to reading more from your blogs!

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