Personal Brand and Help Wanted.

Taking the time to think about it I would say that my brand is “Outgoing, welcoming, and ready to work”. This is always what I am trying to sell when introducing myself to an individual or a company through both the way I describe myself and my actions, but also through the work I do whenever I am brought on to a job or even just helping out. My strengths are my communication, organization, and leadership skills along with my determination to work hard and get things done in a quick but quality manner. I think my weakness would vary based on the job from keeping pace within a team, to properly working with a team not in terms of cooperation, but more in terms of not moving faster than everyone else or jumping ahead.

If I were to write a situation wanted ad I think it would focus heavily on who I am and why I want to work. I would lightly describe abilities and qualifications in a manner that made them clear and showed what I could do, but in such a manner that didn’t distract from my main “story”. I would use this ad as a story platform instead of a simple list of things or a “sales ad” trying to sell myself as a worker directly. I feel that telling a story of who I am where I have come from workwise, and how I have gained skills and implied skills, not only shows the worker I am, while following a somewhat “interview style” in my approach to give that extra detail. While I understand that much of your skills and qualifications will be key to selling yourself as a worker for hire, I think that taking the creative path and telling a well-written story about my journey, my abilities, and what I can bring to a job while keeping it broad enough to cover multiple industries and careers is a unique way to sell myself to companies and show who I truly am from a personal brand standpoint and a hardworking individual after a career.

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Hi Matt, since we haven’t met in person, I can say that from the discussion boards, blogs, and comments, you do convey yourself as outgoing and welcoming. And, I’ve yet to see you miss a deadline, so ready to work makes sense and your brand seems spot on. When you explained your situation ad, are you thinking about it as a mixed media sort of resume? Or what kind of images? It would be fun to hear what excites you, what you love to do, etc. You mentioned in our discussion board that you like Star Wars. What about a short video with Star Wars figures talking about how they need you to win the galaxy? (Especially if you note on social media somewhere that a VP or CEO or that company has the same interest).

I’m going to be honest here and share that I had a hard time thinking about my own type of situation ad. It’s easier for me to imagine ideas for others so I hope you don’t mind the brainstorming parts of this comment.

To start off, your decision to use a concise phrase like “outgoing, welcoming, and ready to work” instead of lengthy descriptions or values was smart. It actually helps convey authenticity and enthusiasm effectively, without having to use the actual works. I particularly appreciate your concept of presenting a situation ad as a narrative or story. This will offer a dynamic way to showcase strengths that may not be easily captured on paper. This approach, perhaps through a video or interview format, would help provide a deeper insight into your personal journey and character. This is a completely different approach than beyond traditional work ethic and accomplishments that you might experience in a situational ad. I thought your approach was strategic in that it could significantly enhance an employer’s understanding of who you are and what you bring to the table.

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