Personality Testing – Results and Reaction.

The results I got having taken the test were not shocking to me, but also did have a few surprises within them that caught me off, guard. For context, I took the IPIP-NEO (shortened version) test, and scored as follows: Extraversion – 73, Agreeableness – 58, Conscientiousness – 77, Neuroticism – 13, and Openness to Experience – 1.

That final score was one of the biggest shocks to me. According to the report a score this low indicates that I like things “in plain and simple terms, others describe you as down-to-earth, practical, and conservative”. While this statement I believe is accurate to some extent the breakdown of this score was interesting as it shows I scored a 1 in artistic interests and a 0 in emotionality, which I do not commonly think about or apply to myself. The remainder of my scores and their breakdowns felt “proper” for what I think of myself, describing me as “exceptionally calm, and composed” (neuroticism), “a clear goal setter pursuing with determination” (conscientiousness), and someone who has some concerns with others’ needs (agreeableness).  Showing me overall as someone who is focused, determined, and thoroughly plans, while providing help to others as needed, but not taking it as a main priority above my own needs/goals.

Looking at my results from this test, I believe that a future employer would say that my strengths are communication, cooperation, organization/orderliness, and time management. All of these strengths stem from my extraversion, conscientiousness, and agreeableness scores. Which my high scores on each scale show an employer that I am willing to cooperate with others without intimidating them to get my way (cooperation), work closely with schedules and routines make lists, and properly plan everything out (openness/organization). All while being very outgoing and extroverted allowing me to easily communicate and work with other employees, clients, and suppliers. As for my weakness, I think an employer would heavily lay into the low score in openness to experience and neuroticism pulling weakness out such as short-term orientation, trouble saying no, or perfectionism. The short-term orientation and trouble saying no stemmed from my low neuroticism score specifically the larger score in the immoderation facet, in which highly immoderate individuals tend to have issues resisting (saying no) and often want to see or be oriented towards short-term plans, goals, and rewards. While my low score in openness could have employers seeing a weakness with perfectionism I would show as much more contained, less open to changes, ideas from others, and emotions overall.

Provided below is a summary of each traits scores and various facets.

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Hi Matthew,

Both of us scored high in extraversion but low in neuroticism, with particularly low scores in sympathy under agreeableness. I was at first concerned that having low sympathy was an issue but maybe in business, this is less relevant? I appreciated how you highlighted the strengths that a potential employer might find appealing. Being cooperative without being intimidating, working effectively with schedules and routines, and planning meticulously are certainly areas of strength. I also liked how you connected the low scores in openness to potential positives. Good post!

I am impressed by how high your Imagination score is, that was one of my lower scores. I realized that with the MBA right now and my volunteering and work, I do not do a lot imagining nor day dreaming. I found it interesting to reflect on these scores. I don’t read them as defining labels, but as a glimpse that I can gut check with to see if it feels true and how do I feel about it. Then I can decide if I want to do or change anything about that idea. I hope that ones that surprised you are not upsetting. Overall your positives show a lot of strengths that you did a good job of highlighting and correlating.

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