OSU Collaborative Robotics and Intelligent Systems Institute, Oregon State University

CoRIS studies the theory, design, development, operation, and deployment of Robots and Intelligent Systems for useful work in the real world, operating autonomously for extended periods of time and seamlessly interacting with people. The core research conducted at CoRIS includes autonomous systems, path planning and navigation, vision and perception, manipulation, human robot interaction, multi-robot coordination, and soft robotics. Oregon State University is one of only six doctorate-granting robotics programs in the US.

Applied Physics Lab, University of Washington

APL-UW is a US Navy, university-affiliated research center. Since 1943, APL-UW has conducted acoustic and oceanographic studies in how deep-ocean variability affects Navy
systems. Today, areas of focus include acoustics and remote sensing, ocean physics and engineering, medical and industrial ultrasound, polar science and logistics, environmental and information systems, and electronic and photonic systems.

Pacific Marine Energy Center (PMEC)

PMEC is an umbrella organization that unifies research & development, testing, and educational programs in marine energy across the University of Washington (lead), Oregon State University, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Individual projects typically cross-cut these capabilities and often involve collaborative teams drawn from multiple institutions. PMEC’s scope includes technology, the environment, and society, with projects often cross-cutting these areas. Projects are collaborative with partners in private industry and National Laboratories.