Writing Exercise #8

There have been so many interesting things that I have learned in this class. The presentations have opened my eyes to the world of microbes and the possibilities that they have in terms of changing human health with the slightest alteration in diet or other microbial influences. The slightest change in gut microbiome can have an impact in other parts of human health. Other microbiomes have impacts as well, such as mother and infant microbiomes interacting with each other. There are a lot of different microbial communities and ways that they interact with each other have domino effects on human health. The skin microbiome is a big playing field that was also talked about during the first few classes.

Alterations in diet can include many things such as probiotics, antibiotics (in terms of medication), and prebiotics. These things can come in forms of daily foods such as kombucha, greek yogurt, or types of medication. Mother and infant microbiomes are something that we talked about in class and heard presentations form last class. This was particularly interesting to me because of the many different microbial biomes that both the mother and baby had. Placenta microbiomes (or possibilities of), milk microbiomes, fecal microbiomes, as well as skin microbiome. It is interesting to me how children’s microbiomes develop especially since we are technically born with very little to none. I would like to know more on the impacts of the biodiversity and the benefits or non-benefits that it may have on children’s future. I know that they eventually equalize at about age four but I wonder what the impacts could be.

As I am preparing for my final paper, I may look more into the benefits of children and the biodiversity at a younger age and how this may impact their future health.

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