Writing exercise #13

These questions are significant when interpreting scientific literature because it causes reader and reviewers to focus on the data and not just the results or discovery. Sometimes it’s easy to go along with what researchers put in their discussion and what the results conclude may not always be correct. These questions can better help distinguish… Continue reading Writing exercise #13

Writing Exercise #12

The brain and gut affect each other, particular nerves in the gut make it as if it were a second “brain” of the human body. In addition, the gut microbiota, if in dysbiosis, can negatively affect the neurotransmitters in the brain. These affects function and cause feelings of stress and anxiety. Likewise, if the mental… Continue reading Writing Exercise #12

Writing Exercise #11

The whole process was informational to go through. A lot of thought is put into the dissection of the paper as a reviewer. Critiquing someone else’s writing makes you critical of your own and in this context how the person I was peer reading as well and how I could improve my own paper as… Continue reading Writing Exercise #11

Writing Exercise #10

Peer reviewing is the process of reading an article and analyzing the main points of it and how the author defended their main points. This is done by dissecting the reading and pinpointing specific areas in the paper such as the, introduction, back ground information, the author’s thesis, research evidence either done by themselves or… Continue reading Writing Exercise #10

Writing Exercise #9

Changes in human behaviors that contribute to decreased exposure to microbes include taking antibiotics, having purification systems such as water or cleaning, and other technological advancements. The easy access to antibiotics is a big factor that contribute to decreases in microbiota. Antibiotics wipe out both bad and good microbes. Water purification systems also reduce exposure… Continue reading Writing Exercise #9

Writing Exercise #8

There have been so many interesting things that I have learned in this class. The presentations have opened my eyes to the world of microbes and the possibilities that they have in terms of changing human health with the slightest alteration in diet or other microbial influences. The slightest change in gut microbiome can have… Continue reading Writing Exercise #8

Writing Exercise #7

There are many factors that can affect both mother, baby, and their microbial communities during pregnancy. Environmental factors such as diet, exposure to carcinogens, as well as the mother’s lifestyle choices are some of the surface level factors. The mother’s health and microbial community can have a huge impact on the infants health. The skin… Continue reading Writing Exercise #7

Writing Exercise #6

My mom has always warned me about using antibiotics and their possible dangers of them. This being said, my mom’s concerns weren’t from her scientific knowledge, but instead, they are from her assumptions about Western Medicine. My parents are Vietnamese immigrants so my mom grew up learning about natural remedies and was warned about antibiotics… Continue reading Writing Exercise #6

Writing Exercise #5

There are many choices that can be made in terms of food products and how it affects your personal microbial biome. Choosing to incorporate foods such as yogurt or kombucha can affect probiotic count and your overall internal environment. Some consumptions that may be harder to regulate are processed products and the unknown ingredients that… Continue reading Writing Exercise #5