Writing Exercise #12

The brain and gut affect each other, particular nerves in the gut make it as if it were a second “brain” of the human body. In addition, the gut microbiota, if in dysbiosis, can negatively affect the neurotransmitters in the brain. These affects function and cause feelings of stress and anxiety. Likewise, if the mental state is not healthy, gut functions can be impaired as well, in terms of balance and secretions. Simple examples could be that if the brain is unhealthy, this may result in the person eating unwell and making unwise environmental decisions. This would lead to the imbalance of the body’s microbiota. A person who’s in dysbiosis and going through a sickness can also be in anxiety or stress due to their physical state. To further expand in a microbiological sense, the gut regulates the body in a way. It absorbs and secretes, newer research suggest that it is the cause of many diseases from cancer to simple illnesses. This causes other problems in the body which in turn significantly impacts the brain.

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