How Librarians Helped Me

When contacting librarians during this week I was surprised at the different formats that libraries use to store their data. There are so many things that you can find online with just Google, but there are also a ton of tools that you may not even know exist if you don’t speak with a librarian. You can learn a lot about how to search data per that specific library, where they may keep the actual paper document that may help you in your research project, how to use their database, and so much more.

The librarians I spoke with were very pleasant and helpful. They also made suggestions about how I could find a lot of really good information just in online resources. I was very glad for their input. There wasn’t really anything that I found not helpful about speaking with the librarians. I think that the tool that I found the most helpful was the OSU library database. It is easy to use and provides a lot of really good information. I have enjoyed using this tool in all of my classes. I use a lot of online tools because all of my classes are online.

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