1. The Culture in you

In Vietnam culture is a major thing. It is something that they hold in high regard. There are 53 ethnic groups that have their own languages, however very few have their own script. (LaBorde 1996)

The Vietnamese also have traditions around how they write their names. Their family names are listed first followed by their middle name and then their first name comes last. Also most of the names are gender neutral. (LaBorde 1996)

In Vietnamese culture it is customary to avoid disagreement due to the fear of disrespecting the other individual. They also do not take praise preferring to be humble. It is considered shameful to ever disrespect your elders and can lead to being very detrimental to what social ties that you may have in this culture. (LaBorde 1996)

For women it is considered shameful to be divorced. Women are also very segregated from leading their own lives. They are to follow their father first and then their husband. This is something that became slightly less pronounced during the Vietnam War when a lot of the men were fighting for their country and the women had to take over the men’s duties while they were away. Men still have more education than women in Vietnam but that gap is also closing since everyone now has an equal opportunity to have an education. (LaBorde 1996)

Also in the Vietnamese culture it is common for two to four generations to live in the same household. It is considered a family unit where everyone does their part. Including the grandparents who are the providers of child care. Children are expected to obey their older siblings and aunts and uncles are on the same level as parents. (LaBorde 1996)

So although women in Vietnam have come a long way as we all have they are still fighting the battle for better rights and tools to become leaders in their culture and society.


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