2. A trend that carries you through.

According to the Vietnam Gender Assessment 2011, “self-employment continues to account for the largest share of the work force for both men and women.” (Avin and Kinney 2014) Interestingly enough it is also shown that more women than men were self-employed. Leading to the idea that more women are becoming entrepreneurs in the Vietnam culture.

Although there are a lot of women in Vietnam that are business owners there are very few that are creating companies in technology. The trend is that women are now being educated and learning how to own and operate a business but they are not choosing technology. Instead they are choosing career paths that are not as hard to break into.

Tan Le and other women in technology like Thanh Nguyen, creator of Anphabe which is like the Vietnamese version of LinkedIn (Sakwee 2013) are trying to blaze a path for change in Vietnam to create more trends and availability for women in this field.


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