Hemp Harvest

Horticulture and Agronomy students collecting growth and biomass data for our hemp field trials.

Hemp planting

We initiated the first of three planting dates for industrial hemp at HAREC.  We will be evaluating biomass production and the effects of planting date, density and crop manipulation (pinching).  Finally, the spring weather allowed us to get seeds in the ground.  More to come.


Welcome to the website of the Oregon State University, Integrative Horticulture Program!

In our lab, we focus on providing research-based solutions to high value irrigated crops, with an emphasis on optimizing production system outputs while reducing negative environmental impacts. Research crops currently include onion, blueberry, grapes, hops, sweet corn, carrot, watermelon, peppers, tree fruits, beans, broccoli,  peas, almond and saffron.  New crop introduction are also being evaluated to determine suitability for regional production.