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The Lukas Lab is currently accepting applications for graduate students.  Prospective students, please email:

Post-Doctoral Scholars

Dr. Shikha Singh. – I am working on investigating the hydrological, microbiological, and geochemical processes influenced by various soil organic amendments in northern highbush blueberry systems and evaluating the various amendments for overall soil health. My overall research interests include understanding the climate change impacts on soil microbial processes and nutrient cycling in managed and unmanaged ecosystems. I am interested in exploring the best management strategies to improve soil health.  I am strongly dedicated to transform scientific data into knowledge and disseminating it effectively to peers, growers and stakeholders and the broader community. 

Dr. Amin Nouri Gharahassanlou. Research Project – Focusing on understanding the mechanisms of utilizing reclaimed water, by establishing a dynamic multidomain data acquisition and processing framework to fully understand the hydrologic cycle in the terrestrial environment of the Umatilla Basin. The data include extensive ground truth measurements and identification of soil pedology, textural and structural characteristics, saturated and unsaturated water flow, water holding capacity, and solute transport in natural and managed environments.

Graduate Students: 

Andrea Retano, MS Horticulture, Utilizing organic amendments to improve soil health and enhance blueberry productivity. Expected 2023

Alex Gregory, MS Horticulture, Soil pH and Nutrient Management in Organic Blueberry Production, Expected 2022

Brogan Watson, Master of Science student, 2020

Pooja Kumari. M.S, Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.  Expected 2021

Donaldson, Andrew. MS, Horticulture, Compatibility of interseeding cover crops into sweet corn production systems. Graduated 2019.

Waggoner, Ashley, L. PhD, Crop and Soil Science, The influence of dairy digester effluent on nitrification in coastal soils.

Internship students: 

Timothy Gould.  Blue Mountain Community College Intern, 2019; OSU 2020

Jared Farber. OSU Branch Experiment Station Intern, 2019

Adriana Ramirez. OSU/EOU 2019

Weslie Adams. BMCC intern 2019

Victoria Branch (2018)

Katie Emerson (2018)

Graham Shaw (2017)

Technical research assistants: 

Hayden Cissna (2018)

Olivia Hankle (2017)

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