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Undergraduate research opportunities

Interested in gaining research experience as an undergraduate?  The Jones lab is looking for motivated and enthusiastic individuals to conduct research related to  several current projects in the lab.  Students will gain valuable research experience in the areas of plant ecology and evolutionary biology.  We are currently accepting student applications through the USRA-ENGAGE program at OSU and also have opportunities for Honors college students through the deLoach scholarship.  Contact Dr. Jones for more information.


Congratulations to Megan O’Connell, OSU biology major and budding tropical ecologist. Megan has been awarded an internship at STRI for the summer of 2013.  Megan will be working with us on the drought responses of seedlings project.  Way to go Megan!

NSF grant awarded

The lab has received NSF funding for a project entitled “Intraspecific variation in drought responses of tropical tree seedlings – consequences for species distributions under climate change”.  The work is a multidisciplinary study in collaboration with Drs. Liza Comita (Ohio State) and Bettina Engelbrecht (U. Bayeruth).  The team will be looking at the degree to which populations of tropical trees are locally adapted to moisture conditions across a rainfall gradient in Panama.  Our portion of the project will be looking at the degree to which populations are genetically structured using molecular markers.   Opportunities exist for students and volunteers in the field and lab.  Contact Andy for details.