Week 4: Challenges with Job Description

Speaking from personal experience, in my opinion of a job description for me is the fact that I am a student athlete. My main focus is to go to school but I also have to focus on softball to continue to go to school here. Developing this job description was and is tough because a lot of freedom that other students have I don’t get because I’m preparing for a game that week, while also studying and making sure I pass a test. A lot of the time student athletes are held to a higher standard so maintaining that job description can be tough at times since everything you do is often examined under a microscope (not literally but in the sense of how close you’re being watched). However I think these experiences and my routine that I get into each day help me prepare for when I really enter the workforce since being a student athlete has taught me a lot of valuable things like, being on early/on time, attention to details, accountability, teamwork and collaborating with peers, and a multitude of other things I’m sure I’m missing. Some of the challenges I could see myself experience if I didn’t have any of the things I listed while being a student athlete would probably be getting low grades, not being able to play softball, showing my teammates as well as my coaches that I can’t handle school and sports simultaneously, and simply not getting the opportunity to graduate.

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