Human Resources MGMT: Blog 1

  • Hilton leads globally in the hospitality industry. 97% of their employees tell others that they are proud to work there, and 95% of their customers would rate the service as “Excellent.”
  • Cheesecake Factory is also in the hospitality industry and has 85% of its employees saying it is a great place to work.
  • Hyatt Hospitals Corporation is part of the hospitality industry. 89% of its employees state that it is a great place to work, and 90% of its customers state that their service is “Excellent.”
  • Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants is another one in the hospitality industry. 89% of its employees state that it is a great place to work.

I chose these companies because it is in the hospitality industry. They are all above average when it comes to employee satisfaction compared to other companies. Their similarities were that they have somewhat of a strategic system. Meaning they all have values they focus on and that is mainly employee satisfaction and mission. With a culture set in the company it can help grow a company as whole. This can lead to great management. They need to understand and know what is need for employee position to be as efficient as they can be. They did by collecting Data and surveys from as much employees as they can.

In HR Management, it is important to put people first and have a strong organizational culture. With a productive strategic organizational culture, it can either grow or attract the employees needed to grow the company. With skilled and efficient workers comes great profit and outcomes with both business and customer satisfaction.


Week 1: Learning Materials

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