Week 5: Was the Interview effective or ineffective?

For my interview, I worked as a gate operator at a warehouse that delivers goods to multiple companies around the US to their designated stores. As a delivery company, my job was to check in and check out drivers and trailers entering and exiting our facility. Also, making sure they got the proper paperwork.

I would say the process of getting the interview is effective, but the interview itself was ineffective. Before the interview there was outside sources that I trusted that told me about the job. Not only that when I went to apply for it the agency I was working with to get the job required me to have legal paperwork and make sure I was able to find me a job right away.

Now for the interview itself. They did not need referrals from anywhere, and the management did not require any specific hard skills from me. They did not specifically explain my job thoroughly. I had to learn my role somewhat when I started to work with the Veteran coworkers. The workers they were looking for were just efficient workers that was able to get the job done fast and if you did not they will move you elsewhere and worse lay you off. That was the case with most of the temp workers in the warehouse. There was an obvious lack of having an effective recruitment process and of course which led to poor selection choices of employees. Thinking back to the process itself they was no method for recruiting and selection, major if not all of those that came for a job opening got it on the spot there.

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