Grace Petrina – HC Student Spotlight

From research opportunities and experiential learning, to its network of connections to outside organizations, the Oregon State University Honors College prides itself on its ability to provide an undergraduate experience that transcends boundaries. But how much can one student accomplish in just four short years? With a growing list of extracurriculars and a resume already […]

Julia Notz — HC Student Spotlight

Across the U.S., there are approximately three men for every one woman majoring in economics, and that ratio has remained the same for over two decades. Second-year Oregon State University Honors College student and public relations officer of the OSU College of Liberal Arts Economics Club, Julia Notz, however, is determined to pave the way […]

The art of engineering buildings

This story was originally published on November 17, 2021, by Oregon State University’s College of Engineering. No question about it, Alex Saccente was going to study art when she went to college. Art was her passion, and she’d been painting and sketching for years. At the start of her senior year in high school, Saccente […]

Monday Message Week 1

Weekly Wellness Tip Having a schedule will set you up for success with whatever you have in store each week.  Plan for different activities or tasks throughout the week, e.g. classes are primarily Mon, Wed and Thurs, and workdays are Sat and Sun. Don’t forget to pencil in a few hours for vital rest and relaxation! […]

Kathleen Burrows and the Language of Teachers

The path to Kathleen Burrows’ dream job has spanned thousands of miles, from Oregon to Germany, to Albania and beyond, crossing oceans and cultures. At each step along the way, the Oregon State Honors College alumna has worked to provide students and teachers alike with the language skills needed to achieve success in school and […]

Monday Message Week 11

Weekly Wellness Tip Don’t forget to take breaks while studying! Rest is an important way to recharge your body and mind. You can rest by simply taking a 15-minute walk outside or having a dance party with your roommates! Do whatever works for you so that you can return to your work with a refreshed mind. Good […]

Waving Hello to Colloquia Classes: A Field Trip to the Oregon Coast

Rising sea levels and declining marine populations have had alarm bells ringing in the science community for years, and today, news stories abound with warnings of marine heatwaves, ocean acidification and expanding low-oxygen zones. When it comes to examining the climate crisis deep below the surface, though, one Oregon State professor has decided to dive […]

Monday Message Week 8

Weekly Wellness Tip Remember to eat your fruits, veggies, and whole foods! A healthy, balanced diet can aid in disease prevention, improve your mood, boost your immunity, and have many more health benefits! HCSA Events This Week NEW! HC Wellness WednesdayNeed a little self-care break? Join fellow honors college students at the Sackett E/H & F/G […]

Fall 2021 Monday Message Week 6

Weekly Wellness Tip Did you know that meditation can reduce stress, enhance memory, increase attention, improve sleep, and lessen anxiety and depression? Meditation is a helpful mindfulness and relaxation tool that has a lot of benefits! If you are interested in trying it, you can follow guided meditations online or attend BEavers HERE NOW sessions, […]

Hannah Robinson – HC Student Spotlight

Third-year honors biology major Hannah Robinson initially came to Oregon State for its wide selection of interesting majors. What she now loves about the university is the supportive, tight-knit communities it has allowed her to join — namely the NCAA D1 Women’s Rowing team and the Honors College. During the on-season, rowing becomes a part-time […]