Starting a New Chapter at West

One would assume I was anxious moving away from home to live in a residence hall. Although I was a tad anxious, my excitement triumphed. I was eager to have a fresh start and meet new people. During START orientation in the summer, I took a tour of the Honors Living-Learning Communities and had my […]

A Career With Honors

When asked to trace the roots of his fascination with science, Honors College Board of Regents member Dr. Kenneth Krane returned to a childhood memory: watching his father repair clocks. Krane grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and his parents owned and operated a clock repair shop. He recalled watching the swing of a clock’s pendulum […]

Living in and Learning from the Age of the Anthropocene

The human geography of land use. Fiction that wrestles with the effects of climate change. Food scarcity in the 21st century. These seemingly disparate topics all have a home in the Honors College colloquium, The Dawn of the Anthropocene. This course tackles the concept of the Anthropocene—an epoch in the current geological age that is […]

Making a Difference: Oregon State Alumnus Creates Medical Internship for HC Students

During her first week as a summer intern at the Michigan Clinical Outcomes Research and Reporting Program, Swechya Banskota was given access to nearly twenty-one years of cardiovascular patient data registries. For the Honors College senior biology major, it was a lot to consider: “The research physicians gave the interns introductions to all of the […]

Kim Kenny – Adventurous Spirit

By the time Kim Kenny graduated this past winter term with degrees in biology and international studies, she had studied abroad five different times, interned with both the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), earned a scholarship to do research in an Oregon State University oyster lab, worked as […]

Mentored for Success

As they approach the end of their undergraduate careers, Honors pre-veterinary students Emily Mangan and Lauren Eyrich feel uniquely prepared to fulfill their dreams. Emily and Lauren are the first students who will graduate from the Pre-Veterinary Scholars Program, a collaboration between the Honors College (HC) and the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at Oregon […]

Listen, Think, Speak.

If you hear a peal of laughter break the muffled silence of Weniger Hall on a weekday morning, chances are it’s coming from Eric Hill and his Honors Writing students. “I use a lot of humor in my teaching because I think knowledge is entertaining in itself, if you frame it right,” Eric says. Eric […]