Leon Linebarger – HC Student Spotlight

Third-year honors student Leon Linebarger has a passion for astronomy, a passion he wants to share with the universe. A physics major, Leon came to Oregon State because of the university’s great physics program and its strong affiliation with NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. “I’ve always wanted to join NASA because of the […]

Caitlin Reid – Honors College Class of 2020

Caitlin Reid arrived at Oregon State University knowing she wanted to do something in science. She’s leaving with a job in hand at one of the most prominent biotech companies in the world. Caitlin graduated at the end of winter term 2020 with her Honors Bachelor of Science in bioengineering. She then immediately started a […]

Lauren Lippman – HC Student Spotlight

Honors College junior Lauren Lippman came to Oregon State University from her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona for a change of scenery — and for the multitude of resources and opportunities to expand and explore her interests. Of all the colleges she considered attending, OSU and the Honors College stood out for their commitment to student […]

Paige Sedgwick – HC Student Spotlight

She may only be finishing her second year at OSU, but Paige Sedgwick has already earned a reputation as someone who enjoys helping others. As a campus tour guide, she gets to help students through one of the biggest decisions of their lives – where to go to college. For her, it’s the best job […]

Rylie Tiffin – HC Student Spotlight

Rylie Tiffin first became interested in healthcare management during her junior year in high school, after a research project on employee engagement in hospitals led her to discover that burnout among healthcare workers resulted in lower quality patient care. This insight stuck with her, inspiring Rylie – now a third-year Honors College student – to […]

An Unconventional Path to Uncommon Success – HC Student Spotlight

There was nothing conventional about Dylan Gregory’s path to the Oregon State University Honors College. There’s been nothing conventional about his research accomplishments since he arrived, either. A first-generation and low-income student, Dylan initially planned to study visual communications, enrolling in the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana after high school. Financial […]

Natalie Harris – HC Student Spotlight

Sophomore Natalie Harris, an English and graphic design major, is a highly engaged member of the Honors College and OSU community. Natalie participated in OSU’s spring 2019 theater production of Sense and Sensibility and is in the current staging of The Secret Garden musical. She is a lead officer of the swing club on campus, […]