Making a Difference: Oregon State Alumnus Creates Medical Internship for HC Students

During her first week as a summer intern at the Michigan Clinical Outcomes Research and Reporting Program, Swechya Banskota was given access to nearly twenty-one years of cardiovascular patient data registries. For the Honors College senior biology major, it was a lot to consider: “The research physicians gave the interns introductions to all of the […]

Mathematics + Robotics = Google job

Honors College and mathematics major Johnathan Van Why has landed a job at Google months before graduation. He will start as a software engineer at Google’s Mountain View headquarters (Googleplex) in California. It is a highly impressive feat if you consider Google’s hiring statistics: They receive more than two million applicants a year and only […]

A Market for Barnacles

In Spain, a plate of gooseneck barnacles will set you back more than the cost of a lobster dinner. Known as percebes, goosenecks “set the palate in ecstasy,” a Barcelona chef recently told a reporter. Nevertheless, Julia Bingham winced a little last spring when asked if she had ever tried the tube-shaped delicacies while she […]

Finding Champions – Jenesis Long

As she prepares to graduate from Oregon State for the second time, Jenesis Long sees the mentorship she experienced in the Honors College as the key to her success. As a senior in high school, Jenesis was prepared to go to Oregon State after graduation. But when the time came to start, the size of […]

An OSU Education – For Parents

Daniel and Margaret Porth are active people, not content to just sit on the sidelines. So last year, when the opportunity came, they readily joined a new OSU initiative, one with a strong personal connection. Proud parents of an Honors College senior, the Porths participated in the college’s inaugural Parent Leadership Circle. “Just seeing our […]

Kate Swenson – Finding a Path

When Honors College senior Kate Swenson stepped up to the podium as a featured speaker at OSU President Edward Ray’s Commencement Dinner on graduation day, it was the remarkable end of a remarkable journey. Kate started her studies at Oregon State in the fall of 2008, but after two years of bouncing between majors, she […]

One Piece at a Time

While coaching United States armed forces majors and lieutenant colonels recently through national security issues, Ambassador Mary Carlin Yates noted that the group was “trying to save the world in one fell swoop.” She told them, “You have to do it a piece at a time.” That’s how Yates has done her best for her […]

Oregon Grown

Cort Brazelton has never regretted choosing Oregon State University over the Ivy League schools he was also considering for his undergraduate education. In fact, because he was in OSU’s Honors College, he is convinced he had a better experience than his friends who went to big-name colleges on the east coast. “They didn’t have the […]

Wren Patton – Understanding and Protecting a Changing Ocean

At Lizard Island Research Station, a cluster of clean buildings on the breezy shore of a Coral Sea island, an unspoken yet strict code of conduct is in force. Next to each entrance stands a pan of water. All scientists must rinse the sand off their bare feet before entering. Recommended attire in winter: shorts […]

Graduate Riley Kinser’s Experiential Learning, Honors Thesis Help Him Land a Dream Job

Riley Kinser kept himself more than busy in his time at Oregon State. Kinser was in the College of Business’ Honors program, took part in the Austin Entrepreneurship Program (where his team took first place in the Business Plan Competition), and served as the president of the Oregon State Investment Group (OSIG). Even though graduation took place just over […]