Fall 2021 Extension Program Design, Teaching, and Evaluation Series

This expanded six-part series is grounded in outcome-based education and focuses on learner-centered approaches for use by Extension faculty and other educators. These modules are designed to build upon each other in an intentional sequence. Please plan to attend all four of the instructional design modules (Modules 1-4) and then you can craft a teaching plan and an evaluation tool. Module 5 can be taken independently. You can register for this series through the College of Agricultural Sciences Professional Development Program.

Module 1: Writing Powerful Learning Outcomes, October 19 (Tuesday) from 9 am to 11 am

Module 2: Creating Assessment Tasks to Promote Learning, October 22 (Thursday) from 9 am to 11 am

Module 3: Designing Learning Activities to Increase Engagement, October 26 (Tuesday) from 9 am to 11 am

Module 4: Identifying Essential Knowledge to Deepen Learning, October 28 (Thursday) from 9 am to 11 am

Module 5: Crafting a Learner-Centered Teaching Plan, November 16 (Tuesday) from 9 am to 11 am

Module 6: Developing an At-Event Evaluation Tool, November 17 (Wednesday) from 9 am to 11 am

Effective Extension Education Program Design

A new summer 2021 Extension professional series

You’re invited! Join your colleagues for these 90-minute sessions to gain new skills and teaching strategies.

Writing Powerful Learning Outcomes: Learn to craft outcome statements that focus on the real-world needs of your audience. By the end of the session, you will have one or more learning outcome statements to build your educational program upon.

Creating Assessment Tasks to Enhance Learning: Expand the ways you check for learning and select approaches that align with your outcomes

Designing Learning Activities to Increase Engagement: Develop an authentic educational activity that brings the real world into the classroom or an online event.

Identifying Essential Knowledge for Deeper Learning: Gain the skills to determine the knowledge that will make the most difference to your learners.

This will be offered again in Fall 2021!

Design Templates for Extension – Part 1 and Part 2
(November and December 2020)

Join your peers in one or both of these new 1.5-hour modules to learn how to use two new template for Extension program design – the Using the Outcome-Based Design Template and the Using the Teaching and Learning Template.

Using the Outcome-Based Extension Education Design Template will enable you to:

  • More quickly develop effective course designs
  • Write powerful learning outcomes that are measurable, realistic, and attainable
  • Align assessment tasks, learning activities, and knowledge construction with the learning outcomes
  • Create a clear linkage to your evaluation plan and metrics

Using the Facilitating Teaching and Learning Template will enable you to:

  • More effectively manage limited time with learners
  • Focus contact time on activities that support deeper learning
  • Clarify the purpose for each block of time
  • Define instructor and learner roles for each activity

Extend Your Teaching and Learning to Enhance Sustainable Agriculture Course

Instructor: Mary Halbleib, Crop and Soil Science, Oregon State University
Support for course development was provided by the WSARE Professional Development Program

Recent programs:

Outcome-Based Extension Education Programs, with Colette DePhelps, University of Idaho Annual Extension Conference In-Service Workshop. April 15, 2021 (invited).

People’s Choice Award-Winning Session – Lecturers Anonymous: Starting Down the Road to Active Engagement and Learning Extension Programs, with Cassie Bouska and Gordon Jones, Dec. 5, 2019. Extension Annual Conference, Corvallis, OR.

Some Science Behind Learner-Centered Teaching for Extension Education. June 3, 2019. Crop and Soil Science Departmental Seminar, OSU, Corvallis, OR.

Extend Your Teaching and Learning to Enhance Sustainable Agriculture. Winter term, 2019. Ten-week, statewide course taught via Zoom.

High Impact Teaching: Applying Science and Best Practice to Increase Engagement, with Scott Duggan, April 3, 2019. Oregon Agricultural Extension Association Professional Improvement Conference. Bandon, OR.

Path to Success: Evaluating IPM Programs from Planning to Data to Impact Statements, with project team members. March 22, 2018. 9th International IPM Symposium, Baltimore, MD.

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