About me

I am an Associate Professor of Practice in the Department of Crop and Soil Science. In my work, I create professional development opportunities for the College of Agriculture Extension faculty and staff that provide evidence-based approaches to instructional design, active teaching approaches, and program evaluation. Through providing essential knowledge and curriculum design templates, my goal is to empower Extension professionals in efficiently developing their own learner-centered educational design practice to achieve the desired community impacts. To leverage our collective teaching experience across the state I lead the Extension Teaching Network.

Also, I conduct applied research on Extension educational development frameworks to determine effective ways to enhance faculty knowledge and skills in creating and teaching empowering adult education.

Areas of focus

  • Professional Development: I provide active learning experiences that support CAS Extension faculty in expanding their knowledge of the science of learning and skills in instructional design and active forms of teaching. I also provide individual or team consultations on teaching and learning specifically for the Extension context.
  • Collaborative Extension Projects: I engage in educational projects with Extension faculty around the state and internationally to enhance the adoption of sustainable practices through working with farmers and other community partners. My interests also include the development of novel approaches to train-the-trainer programs to effectively expand the reach of educational initiatives.
  • Extension Teaching Network: I lead monthly Zoom gatherings with two colleagues, Cassie Bouska and Gordon Jones, provide a venue for sharing educational insights and providing support to faculty and staff on educational program design or redesign to increase learning.

Publications and Resources

Extension Educational Program Development:

IPM Evaluation Online Toolkit:

Personal pesticide exposure data related to a train-the-trainer pesticide risk reduction program in Senegal:

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