The return to “normal”

Well, here we all are again. After a long academic year of learning and working remote, we are back on campus, in person. It is great to see people doing mostly normal activities again and makes the start of fall term seem a little more real than it did last year.

I don’t know about you, but returning to in person has been a bit of a transition and remembering what my routine used to be before it became staying home and logging into my computer in leggings and sweatshirts and taking lunch hour walk and run breaks.

Being back brings a lot of uncertainty for many people. We are still navigating a pandemic and a virus that seems intent on sticking around for awhile. But it also means that we have the chance to feel more engaged. Our conversations can be more meaningful because we are not looking through a computer screen. Our experiences are more than emails and Zoom classes. There are so many interactions and activities that we may have taken for granted before the pandemic that now seem so special. And even though we are still working hard to remain safe and keep our loved ones safe, we know more about how to carry on with “normal” life.

So here’s to being back, making good choices to stay safe and enjoying the buzz and energy of “normal”.

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