Upcoming Community Scholarship Application Deadlines

Damon Becnel Scholarship – July 31st, 2022

College of Forestry Scholarships

The 2022-23 College of Forestry Scholarship Application is now closed. Scholarship offer/notifications will be sent out in mid-April to your Oregon State email account.

Still have questions about scholarship and financial aid? Visit the OSU Scholarships website for FAQ’s and resources! You can find College of Forestry Scholarship eligibility and criteria information on our scholarship webpage!

Experiential Learning Funds

After more than a year of travel restrictions and remote learning, the opportunity to attend conferences, workshops, training and other experiential learning programs and events have returned. And with that, the College of Forestry can begin offering students a chance to apply for funds to support these types of opportunities. Students can apply for up to $500 to pay for registration fees, travel expenses, and lodging. You can read more about Experiential Learning Fund eligibility and requirements on the Student Services webpage.

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