CoF Clubs & Organizations

The College of Forestry sponsors a variety of student clubs and organizations to connect students with each other and industry leaders. Student clubs provide opportunities to develop leadership skills, attend conferences and workshops and to get more involved in your field of interest. You can read more about CoF Student Clubs on the Student Services webpage.

Forest Utilization Society (FUSE)

The goal of this student organization is to bring a spirit of fellowship to students, faculty, and employers, and to promote awareness about forest products and forest products issues and events. Membership is open to anyone at OSU interested in forestry and forest products, and events are built around curriculum in the Department of Wood Science & Engineering in the College of Forestry. Club activities include social events, bi-weekly meetings, Wood Magic community outreach, weekend trips, hosting guest speakers, and short field trips to local companies in forest products professions.

FUSE is really working to branch-out (pun intended) at OSU. The Forest Products Society (FPS) is our national chapter and supports our local involvement. Forest products are used in many applications and it is important that we diversify and create new opportunities and connections as a club. As much as our goal is to promote awareness and create opportunities for professional development, FUSE prides itself on being one of the most fun and creative clubs on campus. Involvement at meetings is rewarded with homemade food, a friendly and comical atmosphere, and awesome games. Check us out!

Forestry Club

We are a recognized student organization in the College of Forestry for those who dare to experience what the outdoors have to offer. By pooling together the resources and abilities within the club, and from our advisors, we are able to create the opportunity to experience nature’s adventurous edge one step further. This is an awesome group of people, always open to new members, and a fantastic way to meet new friends! Membership is open to anyone at OSU.

Forestry Club at OSU is an informal social group that encourages interaction between different majors within the College of Forestry and the university as a whole through intercollegiate events, guest speakers, volunteer work, and field trips. The club organizes and sponsors numerous intercollegiate events, such as a logging sports team, forester’s ball, woodcuts, charity events, ski trips, and outdoor recreational activities. The club also works closely with the College administration to assist with various College events.

A current and future aim of the club is to create a closer relationship to the local community by sponsoring charitable fundraisers and donations. The Forestry Club is rich in tradition and has provided many valuable experiences for its members outside the academic arena.

If you haven’t already, please join the OSU Forestry Club Discord Channel. We will be using it to post updates, meeting times, and planning informal activities!

Logging sports practices take place three times a week! RSVP is required. Fill out this form to RSVP, find out details, and to get on the emailing list! You don’t have to be a forestry major or in fighting shape to attend logging sports…so come hang out!

Society of American Foresters (SAF)

We are the Oregon State University student chapter of the Society of American Foresters (SAF), a professional organization dedicated to education and scientific pursuit in the field of natural resources. As a student chapter, we help student members stay connected with the larger organization and provide a setting for networking and discussion with your peers. Newcomers and graduates alike are welcome to attend our meetings. We strongly encourage interested students to become official SAF members

In addition to bi-weekly meetings and College of Forestry events, OSU SAF participates in the national and regional SAF conferences, runs a Christmas tree farm at Peavy Arboretum, and supports the annual College of Forestry career fair.

The Oregon Society of American Foresters annual trip for 2022 happened on May 7th and took the group of 6 students to 3 stops in the site of the 2020 Holiday farm fire. At the first stop, where 26,000 acres burned and only 260 acres salvaged. Here, they talked about the restrictions and limitations of salvage logging on Federal land. The second stop was on a landowner’s property, where all 137 acres burned. They discussed the difficulties of salvage logging for small timber land owners. The third and final stop was on Giustina timberland where approximately 10,000 acres burned, where they talked about the challenges of salvage logging for owners of larger swatch of timberlands. Giustina was able to salvage nearly all of what burned and planted 1.5 million seedlings in 2022 with 1.5 million seedlings to be planted in 2023 to reach the goal of 100% reforested.

Forest Stewards Guild (FSG)

The OSU Student Chapter of the Forest Stewards Guild is the College of Forestry’s newest student organization. 

The Forest Stewards Guild is a national organization that focuses on “ecological forestry”: responsible forestry management to promote ecological, economic, and social health. As the OSU Student Chapter, we strive to maintain their principles and further their mission. We partner with the PNW Region for field trips, guest speakers, and exciting events. Please check out the “Forest Stewards Guild Mission and Principles” tab, and the “Club Events” tab below for more information.

Although we’re called the “Forest Stewards Guild”, we are open to all majors and interests at OSU! We are not exclusive to forestry topics, and our events include field trips and guest speakers related to all kinds of natural resources, including fish and wildlife, ecological restoration, forest ecosystems, and the ever-important human dimension. In addition to field trips, we have regularly scheduled meetings throughout the term. We hope to see you there!

International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA)

IFSA is a recognized student organization in the College of Forestry and allows students to connect to others in the forestry sector on an international level. Comprised of Local Committees (LC) such as the OSU Chapter, the International Forestry Students’ Association is the largest international network of students in forestry and related sciences. IFSA is a globally organized and locally operating students’ organization connecting forest and related science students to their peers and forest related organizations and policy platforms.

With more than 130 member associations spread across over 60 countries, IFSA unites more than 12,000 students in their endeavor to learn about forests, cultures and the environment. IFSA is a non-political, non-profit, and non-religious organization that is entirely run by students.

In IFSA we seek to create global cooperation among students of forest and related sciences, to broaden knowledge and understanding and a space for youth in international forest processes to achieve a sustainable future for our forests. Through our network, we facilitate student meetings, enable participation in scientific debate, and support the involvement of youth in decision making processes regionally and globally.

Pyromaniacs: Student Association for Fire Ecology (SAFE)

The purpose of the Student Association for Fire Ecology is to provide students from diverse backgrounds with an open forum on fire ecology through which research can be shared, networks formed an funding and information resources be accessed.

The Student Association for Fire Ecology (SAFE), also known as the Pyromaniacs at OSU is a student chapter of the Association for Fire Ecology (AFE). The group’s activities include academic discussions of scholarly articles in fire ecology, talks and paper discussions with guest experts, prescribed burning opportunities, field trips, and fire ecology conference attendance. The Pyromaniacs email list disseminates information and opportunities related to fire ecology.

For more information on locations for weekly meeting locations and other club information, you can join our email listserv, add our calendar, or reach out to any of the officers listed below.

President – Sven Rodne

Treasurer – Ryan Walker

Faculty Advisor – Dr. John Bailey

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