Anahi Sanchez Marcial

Hi, my name is Anahi Sanchez Marcial, I use she/her/hers pronouns, and I am a first-year college student in Portland. I am majoring in neuroscience and spending my first summer of college with OSU Extension Service at Washington County. I’ll be here for 10 weeks and as I reflect on my first few days at the office, I could not be more excited to begin this journey.

I am a first-generation college student and a proud child of immigrant parents. I love all my STEM classes, practicing math with my friends, and discussing chemistry with my roommate. However, an immense part of me loves acts of service and the opportunities for personal growth that it offers.

I was not raised in Portland and I moved back a couple of years ago, expecting challenging times. To my surprise, in less than two years I learned to speak English and began to volunteer in Parkrose, my local neighborhood. The kindness and support I received from my teachers and mentors felt rewarding, heartwarming, and special. From there, my passion for community service only grew stronger.

I applied to be an OSU Extension intern with one intention: To give back to the community that welcomed me years back. Now, I only wish to expand my passions, education, and connections. So, keep up with us, an amazing group of interns and I’ll check in by the end of my time here to tell you all about it.


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