Highlighting SOIL 511 for Winter 2021

Course Time/Credits: CRN 36890, Winter Term; 4 Jan – 19 March 2021, 3 term/quarter credits

Course Location: Ecampus online program; Oregon State University (OSU); Corvallis, OR.

Course Description: Serves degree- and non-degree-seeking graduate learners wanting soil science knowledge but having minimal science background. Understanding soil physical, chemical, and biological properties promotes informed soil management and supports individual to global societal values. Curriculum facilitates graduate degrees or certificates; continuing education/licensure renewal requirements (CEUs), professional development units (PDUs) for K-12 and college science teachers, and self-improvement goals of natural resource organization members or private individuals.

Prerequisite Graduate standing: a 4-year undergraduate degree from an accredited institution.
Applies to degree- and non-degree-seeking learners.
Note: Undergraduate seniors from any discipline may also register with Primary Instructor approval.

Call OSU Ecampus 800-667-1465 /541-737-9204.

Review Graduate Admission requirements and register online. Download a General Syllabus from the Ecampus Winter 2021 SOIL 511 course web site. Or, contact Dr. Liegel for more information.

Why Take SOIL 511?

An interactive Discussion Forum framework supports student-student, instructor-student, and student-curriculum learning interactions. Using critical thinking, learners link
Discussion Forums with new weekly knowledge to identify, analyze, and summarize a chosen “Soils Problem” or “Soils Topic” in a short, <7-page Case Study that replaces a Final Exam. Prior case study topics have included: How does soil moisture affect plants/veggies grown in condo patio pots vs. private home and community gardens? What soil properties might help spread the sudden oak death pathogen, Phytophthora ramorum, in Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) forests?

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