Joint Campus Conference 2023: Celebrating Environmental Knowledges

May 18, 2023 || Hosted by University of Oregon

Call for Abstracts

Posters and Short Oral Paper Presentations
Submission Deadline: May 1, 2023

The Environmental Studies Program at the University of Oregon is delighted to host the 26th annual Joint Campus Conference (JCC). We look forward to organizing a stimulating conference.

The JCC has traditionally been a forum for environmental scholars from Oregon, Oregon State, and Portland State Universities to share their research and writing. To encourage interaction between participants, we are offering the opportunity for graduate students to choose one of two presentation formats, as follows:

• Posters are ideal for presenting work that can be communicated effectively by the use of visuals. As a rule, the amount of text on posters should be minimal. Posters will be displayed at the poster session and may or may not be accompanied by a brief oral presentation. The poster print size for the symposium is 42” x 36” landscape or 36” x 42” portrait orientation.

• Paper presentations are 10 minutes each (oral presentations), followed by 5 minutes for questions and discussion.

Graduate students should submit a 300-word abstract (maximum) and indicate whether they prefer a paper presentation or a poster. Due to limited time slots, some students may be offered to submit a poster instead of an oral presentation. Participants are strongly encouraged to make their presentations and posters accessible. Please consider using sans-serif typefaces, displaying high-contrast images, and providing access copies with anoutline for presentations.

Submission website: Helena Virga,
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