Pesticide Risk Management in Conventional, IPM, and Organic Systems with Dr. Brian Baker

Friday, December 1, 2023  ||   1 PM PST

The is a reminder that we will be offering ESGP folks a chance to meet, connect, network, share, and ask questions via a Zoom meeting Friday. This meeting is offered every Friday from 1:00 – 2:00p Pacific time (excluding holidays). Please contact us if you have any difficulties accessing Zoom at the link below.

This week we have a topic being led by Dr. Brian Baker regarding pesticide risk management. Pesticides are a feature of modern agriculture and are relied upon for food and fiber production. However, they carry with them risks to human health and the environment. Various farming systems, such as integrated pest management (IPM) and organic farming seek to mitigate those risks. The discussion will talk about the risks, models used to measure the risks, and practices that mitigate the risks in question.

Join us here!

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