Earlier this week several faculty members from Oregon State University attended the National Outreach Scholarship Conference at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The conference theme for this year’s conference was Partner. Inspire. Change.

Oregon State presentations and posters included:

What was one takeaway that you will bring back and apply to your work? (responses from those who attended)

  • The model of engagement we subscribe to here in the states is truly based on the principles of a democratic society, and that how “engagement” is operationalized around the world will be significantly affected by the context in which it is applied.
  • Oregon State is a real leader in community engagement and in many ways, ahead of the curve. However our practitioners  are not evident in the presentations and in the literature. We need to get our faculty to submit proposals for conference sessions and articles in journals.
  • The definitions of and key terms for community engagement by Virginia Commonwealth University are worth sharing and promoting. (Download the definitions)
  • The distinction between scholarship and outreach scholarship that was offered by Dr. Kevin Kecskes and Dr. Kevin Foster is very useful. (Download their presentation)
  • Two double loop questions posed by Dr. David Weerts that are good to keep top of mind: What is the preferred future for our state, community, nation, world? And what is the role of an institution with our unique mission in creating this preferred future?

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