Maud Powell and Teagan Morgan joined Anita Azarenko to talk about how the Center for Small Farms is growing how it serves military veteran farmers in Oregon. Tune in to hear about how educational opportunities are rolling out across the state and how the veteran farmer network listserve creates community. 

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3 thoughts on “Creating community and learning spaces for veteran farmers

  1. I am continually amazed at the diversity of Extension programming thorughout the state. After 15 years in Extension I had no idea this military or veteran small farming unique and fabulous work was happening. I hope this and other program adaptions to regional and state needs is heard loud and clear during this legislative budget year. We really do need to not be so humble!!! Expose the wide diversity of Ag and Extension programming within Extension and the state. Thank you all for sharing this.

    • Thank you, Vicki. The work of Extension reaches far and wide. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to bring this work into Washington County and North Willamette Region. Thanks for watching!

  2. Thank you Maud and Teagan. It is an honor to promote your work to broader audiences and demonstrate to folks well beyond Oregon what right looks like. You both are true servant leaders.

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