Fall and Frights the Waste Watchers Way

As we step into the new season of fall, it’s important to find ways to reduce your waste at home. From getting into the Halloween spirit, to fighting the scariest monster of all –food waste– here are some tips to help you reduce your waste this fall by getting crafty in the kitchen, composting, and […]

University Events Wins Copper!

Congratulations to University Events on earning the copper-level Green Office Certification! They have been hard at work ‘greening’ their space and they’ve done an amazing job!  Some highlights from their results include: Providing reusable dishes and silverware for employees. Utilizing OSU Surplus to find and dispose of office furniture and other items. Consolidating office orders […]

The Valley Library gets the Gold!

Congratulations to The Valley Library on earning the gold-level Green Office Certification! The Sustainability Office has been working with The Valley Library on ways to ‘green’ their space and they’ve done an amazing job!  Some highlights from their results include: Participating in a department composting program. Setting all library computers to print double-sided as a […]

We can all celebrate Earth Day during quarantine

It’s officially Earth Month! This year, April 22nd will mark the 50th anniversary of the original Earth Day, a day in 1970 when over 10% of the U.S. population took to the streets in protest of environmental degradation and the modern environmental movement was born. This protest spurred the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency […]

The Sustainability Office is Hiring!

The Sustainability Office is recruiting for student employees! Join a committed team by applying for one of these coveted student worker positions that help make OSU more sustainable – both behind the scenes and front and center! We are currently recruiting for three positions:  CLOSED: Graphic Design Student Design print media such as posters, brochures […]

Tips and Tricks for a Green Holiday Season!

The holidays are always a merry time full of family, friends, and cheer but lurking not far behind comes an increase in waste and higher bills. These all take a toll on the environment and get repeated across the world year after year! To help you have the most sustainable holiday season, we’ve compiled some […]

The OSU Sustainability Office is Hiring!

Did you hear? The Sustainability Office is hiring! We’re looking for a part-time student employee (10-15hrs/week) to work with campus stakeholders to support policies and actions that reduce OSU’s carbon footprint! Anyone with experience advocating for tangible changes, a desire to work through campus processes at the highest level, and a commitment to making OSU […]

The Honors College Earns Silver!

Congratulations to the Oregon State University Honors College on earning the silver-level Green Office Certification! We were first reached out to by a dedicated Honors College student employee who had heard about the Green Office Certification and wanted to know how he could complete it. In partnership with one of the Honors College Graduate Teaching […]

The Center for Teaching and Learning Earns Bronze!

Congratulations to the Oregon State University Center for Teaching and Learning on earning the bronze-level Green Office Certification! Thank you to the dedicated employees of the CTL that contributed to gathering and inputting data for the survey. We are thrilled to see their interest in ‘greening’ their office space! Some highlights from their results include: […]