Sustainable Summer Travel

We’re all getting back out there, traveling to those destinations we’ve long missed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain the sustainable principles you have in your everyday life!

Blueberries For Sal(e)!

Did you know OSU has a 21-year old organic growers club? Fresh, organic blueberries are on sale now! 2 lbs/$10, available through special order or at the Pacifica Seafood Market.

Why the Climate Crisis is a Queer and Trans Rights Issue

June is Pride month! Let’s learn a little more about the contributions of Queer and Trans people to fight against environmental destruction, as well as how they may be disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis. While climate change definitely impacts all people, a lot of evidence shows that vulnerable groups are hit hardest, and LGBTQ2S+ […]

Waste Watchers Winter Term Meetings

Become a hero and join the league of the Waste Watchers! Winter term meetings begin January 15th! Starting at 2:30 PM and going until 4:00 PM on Zoom, our meetings will happen every-other-Friday in even weeks of the term until March 12th. Join the club to meet fellow heroes who share your interest in sustainability, & […]

The Great Move-Out Results

Official results are in: OSU residents donated 3,763 pounds  –  1.9 tons – during this year’s Great Move-Out Donation Drive! Despite the fact that our typical Move-Out procedures were altered because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Campus Recycling and Surplus Property were still able to offer residents the opportunity to donate their belongings as an alternative […]

The Oregon Climate Change Research Institute gets Gold!

Congratulations to the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute on earning the gold-level Green Office Certification! The Sustainability Office has been working with OCCRI, in collaboration with PMEC and PacWave, on ways to ‘green’ their space and they’ve done an amazing job!  Some highlights from their results include: Using teleconference technology to reduce travel and cut […]

Tips and Tricks for a Green Holiday Season!

The holidays are always a merry time full of family, friends, and cheer but lurking not far behind comes an increase in waste and higher bills. These all take a toll on the environment and get repeated across the world year after year! To help you have the most sustainable holiday season, we’ve compiled some […]

Tribunal Rules that Fracking Violates Human Rights!

In May 2018, the Spring Creek Project co-organized the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal Session on Human Rights, Fracking, and Climate Change.  For the first time in the almost 40 year history of the Tribunal, they had an international focus on the rights of Nature as well as the rights of humans. As the Tribunal was underway, […]

Moore Money, Moore Problems?

Year after year, electronics on the shelves are constantly being replaced with smaller, faster, and more efficient versions of themselves. As technology improves these turnover rates begin to blur together as soon the consumer is too overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the “latest cutting-edge tech”. A perfect example of this can be found […]