The OSU Dairy Club’s biannual Beaver Classic Sale is Saturday, February 4. The silent auction and dinner start at 5:30 pm with the sale to follow at 7 pm. Proceeds from the events will go to support the Dairy Club activities and its future industry leaders.

The sale catalog can be found here.

Location: Oldfield Animal Facility – 35th Street and SW Campus Way in Corvallis.

Questions: Contact Mitch Evers at or call (503) 758-6695.

A Holstein calf stands in a round calf hutch with several inches of snow.
At least the sun is shining? (Photo: Zweber Family Farms)

Being prepared for subfreezing weather is key to getting farm chores done safely and effectively. (In addition to getting to the farm!) While this short article was written for South Dakota’s harsh winters, the author’s point about newer employees who may never have lived and worked through cold weather is useful for us, too. The article includes a link to a Spanish/English brochure about winter preparedness.