Forrest and Joan Gathercoal
Forrest Gathercoal, pictured with his wife, Joan Baines Gathercoal.

In August, 2013, Joan Baines Gathercoal established a scholarship in memory of her late husband and former College of Education Assistant Dean and Professor Emeritus, Forrest Gathercoal, to provide scholarships to students in the College of Education.

Forrest, also known as “Spike,” served as Assistant Dean of the School of Education from 1973 to 1976. While teaching at the School of Education, Forrest developed a new model of classroom management and school discipline that he first published in 1986 under the title, Judicious Discipline.  The model led to eight additional books and numerous articles that expanded this model to other areas including music teaching, coaching, and parenting.

Forrest advocated that on the first day of class educators should introduce themselves by saying, “Good morning students, I am your teacher and I am here to protect your human rights.” Through this one greeting, he says a relationship is established creating a feeling among students that their educational leader is there to help and support each and every one of them as individuals.